Hello From Quarantine

I hope you’re all reasonably well. Have a look at this lovely forsythia bush outside my window:


That’s a Catholic school back there, and it’s been really strange not hearing kids outside every morning.

Not gonna lie, it’s taken me several days to write this post simply because of how tired I’ve been. That or I just get distracted and forget where I’m going with this or how to explain what I’m feeling. So let’s just get to the basics for now.

Like all other sane folks who aren’t essential employees, I’ve been set up at home for just over three weeks now. I’ve only ever left home once a week to go grocery shopping, and my days now consist of true crime, Netflix, searching for more freelance work, and bothering the cats. Oh and a ton of cooking and meal prepping.


Mom also made these masks for me to wear while I’m out, and I’ve let Nick (my roommate) borrow them as well.

For the most part, I’ve shut off the part of my brain that would send me into extreme panic and fear over a possible illness or financial hardship. It’s either that or I become completely paralyzed and can’t function throughout the day. Hell, sometimes I barely even function regardless. Yet no matter how long this might go on, I’m determined to not return to my full-time job when this is all over. I have a new freelance job and could be returning to my old one soon. If I have enough steady income within a month or two, I just might be able to make it work.

Still, there’s no point in relaxing when other people are experiencing so much worse right now. I’m worried sick for all of the people who don’t have easy access to healthcare, emergency funds, or even a safe space to live while all of this is happening. I’m worried about all of the doctors, nurses, store clerks, and other essential workers that don’t have nearly enough protection and support right now.

Furthermore, I’m beyond angry at our federal government and everyone who continues to treat this like it’s no big deal or just an inconvenience to the economy. There’s no point in arguing with them because if they aren’t convinced by now then they never will be.

I’ll provide links to a few resources in my next post. Even if you can’t donate anything right now (more than understandable), you can still spread the word until it reaches someone who can provide help.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone!



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