Hello, Again!

Did you miss me?

It’s been two years now since I’ve last written any sort of blog post. We can attribute that to poor mental health, no inspiration, and a need to get my life together. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then.

During the time of my previous blog, I was living with my mother in our multi-family home in New Rochelle, New York. My grandmother was living on the floor below us. I was constantly seeking some sort of steady income while trying to be a part of every horror-related gig I could find online. I had the daily routine of a literal vampire; waking up in a dark room almost every afternoon, cruising around during the evening, and watching strange television until the sun came up, which was when I finally went to bed.

When I first started this blog back in 2011, I had intended for it to be my acting journal, detailing all of my gigs and posting announcements for stage plays or festivals I’d be featured in. For some reason, however, I never wrote much when an actual gig was taking place and, as time went on, it became more of a dumping ground for my small frustrations.

Since my last post, I moved to New Jersey to live with my Dad for about sixteen months. During that time, I struggled to find work, finally found a full-time job in the city, traveled to Italy for the first time, and decided to walk away from the only acting gig I had. My new job also forced me to adapt to a “normal” schedule of waking up at 7AM and going to sleep at 11PM. On New Years Eve, I moved back to my beloved New Rochelle, where I now share a tiny apartment with my former boyfriend, Nick, and our two special needs kittens, Reese and Milagro.

Mentally, I’m in a much better place than before. While I’ve put acting on the back-burner for now, I’m still in need of some sort of outlet when it comes to my writing. I decided to revisit this blog back in February and, after looking through all of my old posts, I realized that they no longer served any real purpose for my image or my mental state. Hell, some were even riddled with typos. So I saved some posts to my computer for nostalgia’s sake, deleted everything, and decided to start from scratch. In between drafts for stories and scripts, this will be my much-needed outlet.

On this new blog, I will discuss what it’s like being an actress who’s met with type-casting and being in a rough industry with poor mental health. I’ll also go into great detail about what keeps me sane, and showcase some major inspirations for my writing. You can also expect my input on the state of entertainment, politics, and culture; I did say a few months ago that we need our artists now more than ever.

Side Note:

You’ll notice that my creative preferences have changed as well. While I still love horror, I’ve always been quite picky about the kind of horror I watch; more psychological tricks and less gore-porn. When it comes to story inspiration, I much prefer thrillers and dark fantasies; think V for Vendetta and Game of Thrones. You will definitely see the influence of both in the coming months as I go into detail about my newest creation.

Until next time, bless you all!


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